Nuclear Power, Beauty Contest, and Mink Coat

News photos of "Miss Atom-2007 International Beauty Contest", which was held in Moscow, June 19, was released via Reuters. The winner was already announced based upon the on-line votes between February and March, thus yesterday event must have been the awarding ceremony. There are no statement of purpose of the contest on the official website. Contestants are 18 to 35 years old women working at Russian Atomic Energy Agency's enterprises and organizations, nuclear power entities of former USSR states, research institutes and students of nuclear educational institutions. Pictures and profiles of 297 contestants are available on the official website. The first prize winner, Yelena Kamenskaya was born in 1983, and is currently working at Eleron, an institute under the control of Federal Atomic Energy Agency which develops physical security systems. The prize for the first place is a mink fur coat. This is the 21st year after the Chernobyl disaster.