Midori's Yogurt-Miso Pickling -from Midori's daughter

Yogurt-Miso Pickling Technique, something my mother introduced to our household

Standard recipes call for a 1:1 mix, but she usually did 1 part miso to 3 parts yogurt, to reduce salt intake. That's what I've done, too.

It's just a matter of covering the vegetables in the mix--I used the white turnips, cleaned but unpeeled, cut just enough to fit the container and be covered--and leaving for about 3 days. Wash off the pickling mix, slice and add a little soy sauce to taste. It's amazing!

Some people who've tried it say the sunchokes are great, too.

The mixture can be used one more time at least. It will begin to get watery. Some people seem to siphon off the water (partly whey, I imagine, and therefore nutritious) with a paper towel, but others talk about marinating fish and meat in it and then grilling without removing much of the mixture.